Red LED Light

A non-invasive, but effective use of advanced, FDA approved, red light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots by promoting collagen firmness. Your skin will appear smoother, tighter and more radiant, showing continued gradual improvements with each subsequent application (a minimum of 6 is recommended). 

Blue LED Light

This anti-inflammatory treatment creates an oxygen environment which kills the bacteria that causes acne (for best results, use as an add-on with regular acne treatments).


Non-invasive, zero downtime exfoliation. We offer: enzyme, lactic, glycolic, salicylic, pumpkin, and Vitamin A peels. Your skin therapist will help you choose the peel that is best suited to your skin’s needs. Ask which peel is right for you. (Peels will include a treatment masque to rebalance and nourish the skin).

Mini Eye Lift

Tones the muscles in the eye area and the forehead to lift the brow. Spectacular for under-eye puffiness or dark circles.