The personal attention you get at Skin Solutions is unparalleled

Fourteen months ago I developed acne. This was very traumatic for me because I had NEVER before had acne or any issues with my skin. I tried several different acne products yet I couldn’t get my skin to clear up. I was completely frustrated and decided to find a skin therapist to help me… Over the course of 4 months Shelly cleared my acne. She called me after every treatment to see how my skin was responding and would change my product use depending on my analysis of my skin… The personal attention you get at Skin Solutions is unparalleled. It is very difficult to have acne however knowing that someone understood how I was feeling and took a personal interest in clearing my skin made the process so much easier. It took time (weekly treatments for 2 months) and PATIENCE but now my skin looks great! I still get the occasional breakout but it is much easier to treat now. Shelly has given me the knowledge to keep my skin healthy. I am now doing microcurrent treatments which I love! It’s been making the fine lines around my eyes much less visible! I live in Massachusetts and drive 3 ½ hours each way to see Shelly every 6 weeks because her expertise and personal attention provide results that I can’t find anywhere else!